02.02.11 Hello World!

So begins the year of the rabbit today 02.02.11
the chinese consider it as a very special year, that will bring success, money & happiness.
hope it does for me & u too.

I turn 39 today, oops! This is one b’day i wished no one would remember becoz it is so thirty nine, and mercilessly, almost of my friends called or mailed. funny, how we never get what we want, when we want it.

Few years back when i was new  to China, i was very curious and excited to check which animal i am, as per the chinese horoscope. It turned i was born in the year of the pig. PIG!! embarrassing. Jeff told me, ‘your B’day falls around the chinese new year, you have to check the calender of 1972 and check exactly  which date Chinese new year fell on. If chinese new year happened before 2nd of Feb, then i am a pig for sure. I checked , and it turned out CNY fell after 2nd of february that year, so I still belonged to year earlier, i am a dog! not exciting either, less embarrassing though!

So ok, finally i did start my blog, and am ready to accept the fact that i like to be heard, i want my friends to read what i write, i want them to appreciate it, and i need their support to make my writing better.

Bless your souls,

Happy reading!



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2 responses to “02.02.11 Hello World!

  1. Brandy

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