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I wonder why this whole New Year thing has to be accompanied by resolutions.  I have been doing this resolutions drama for ages now, and it’s already 1.1.11  a date  much awaited! Looks so cool. All new all beautiful, we should also stop following this old tradition of making- breaking resolutions, and think of something new.

 The top three New Year resolutions usually are –

–          stop smoking or drinking

–          Start exercising

–          Eat Healthier

In Europe or let me confirm, almost all over the world, the sales of nicotine patches shoots up in January, before slowly falling again. Most gymn memberships are also sold in the 1st month of the year. Well, we all know the story, being repeated year after year, we start, we  can’t keep up, and fall back into the trap of the old habits.

Maybe for other people it happens every once a year, for me it’s more regular. I am an absolute Pro – let me explain, I make resolutions on New years’ eve, I eat drink party so much on 31st that I can hardly get up & have a proper bath on the 1st. So for the records my promises start a bit later, like, on the 3 rd or 4th of January, once I am sober. Then a few more new year coffee’s and luncheons, a few b’days and my resolution goes down the drain by the 20th of the same month. No worries, we are in China, Chinese New Year is a great time to start afresh!  Mid- feb we have more parties and wine tasting ( drinking) events, and food sales, chocolate sales, You name any sales, u have it here, but I vow to keep my CNY resolutions, once everybody gets back to work & school, and the needs for  shopping trips & dinners is over. well…i honestly try.

More enlightenment coming your way, New Year in North India (& south India) falls on 14th April – A very important day for us to celebrate and eat, pray and dance ad infinitum.  So I get another chance to pull up my socks (literally) and start my diet program coupled with my gymn regiment, because I totally am not able to fit into my jeans by now. Shameful yes!

May break comes, followed by summer vacation which I plan to spend roaming in Rome, and eating pizza, more Cheese and wines, or (as happened last year) in New York City – I guess by now you do sympathize with my inability to stick to the difficult schedule and even more-difficult-to-reach goals.

Let me spare you the festivities of the Autumn festival in early october, be it China, or Europe, I must enjoy.

But wait, I still have another chance. The good lord is great. Early November we celebrate India’s biggest festival – Diwali, financial New Year, and we thank the Goddess of wealth & prosperity, loads of sweets will be sent to each others’ house as a token of love and regards – eat, pray, dress up & dance. Be merry, it’s the New Year – we ask the goddess to give us more happiness, more prosperity, and the blessing is beautifully visible around my girth!

The struggle between me and my conscience has been brief.  My conscience, weak by nature, and grown fat by long want of exercise, gives in quite easily. Building plans in my mind is enough to raise my spirits. Intent to do things, is as good as actually doing them, I keep telling myself. Guilt must have got disgusted with me, and eventually left.…so I’m cool! U understand, right?  Who would afford to fight this guilt game every 2 months, not anyone in such circumstances i bet.

Let’s agree – The big problem is that these kinds of resolutions are far too serious for a happy-go-lucky kind of person, as me. I mean, if I am still alive in 2011 after so much of eating, drinking, and late nights, I must be doing something right!  I say why not we try achieving some fun goals. How about trying a new cocktail every few weeks? Or going to the movies more often? Try this, and you will definitely have no worries keeping up with the resolutions.

I‘d say, In 2011 I will:

–          Have dinner with friends at least once a week

–          Read more books, in all kinds of genres

–          Try something new every month (sport, recipe, charity…u name it)

My close friend  dislikes resolutions too.  His plans are big but short lived. He is quite a juggler, at times he reads more, or writes, travels, gets involved with political groups, makes his own wine, enjoys horse riding, or hikes , ……come to think of it now, I feel he has some jinx with the 3 week  period, still this attitude makes him an interesting person. whoops! I am glad I am not one of his resolutions!


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