Lonely Writers

Squirreled away in your apartment, typing all night, sleeping all day. Go out once in a while to stock up on groceries, then back to the grind. You are creating genius work. You are the stoic writer, alone in your world of insight and creativity. Who needs friends? When you are done, your work will shine above all others.

In your dreams….!!

In the real world, successful writers are part of a community. They meet other writers, develop support networks to help them through the struggle that is each screenplay, maintain healthy relationships to provide balance and perspective on their work. As their careers begin to develop, they befriend development execs and other professionals. In short, they are part of the world of writers.

Believe me, it’s a struggle to reach out, hold yourself out openly as a writer, celebrate your chosen path, and draw to you people who support that part of who you are. But it must be done!

I have also heard about the fun & inspiring trivia that creative artists share , while writing together at the coffee shop, or arguing about colour schemes over a beer. After craving for years to move around in such groups, I have a little friendly team, my support network – a wierd artist, 2 photographers,few designers. Developing a community that supports me as a writer is not just a lifestyle choice. It is necessary to my work.

Some one has said it before.

“Most of what ails us and holds us back can be fixed by ourselves.”

I’m trying.



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3 responses to “Lonely Writers

  1. Anuradha


    You write very well.I enjoyed all your posts.Keep writing.


  2. Hi Sona. Are you the “Sona” who worked with John P. Loft on publishing his book in China ?? If so, we have exchanged a few messages while you were in China. I cannot reach John today as China and Google are having a “fight” and China has cancelled all gmail messages. (jploft@gmail.com).
    You seem to be back in China again. I have never been to China…but came to “know” Chinese soldiers (we shot at one another) during the Korean War. I was never “angry with them though” as I knew that most of them had no choice about participating in this war. I have had many Chinese ancestry friends and know that they are good peoples.
    Well…enjoy life in China. All the best to you and your family.
    Nelson Horton tentonhorton@yahoo.com
    Website: tenton5.simplesite.com (The Asokan Order of Humanity)

    • HI, yes I am John ‘s friend in China. He had an accident last month, broke his hipbone, he is better now. Thank you for reading my blog.
      I do like yr writing too, although strong on religion.

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