Our paths are set with    

destination and substances,   

contours flattened for ease  and convenience 

marked with rules and regulation    

start here; end there.

Nature’s route weaves its way   

through fields, forests, cities’ highway

every passing vehicle anoints with its own offering      

each step determined by fate    

who will come your way

To fly together for a while, wing to wing,

Breath to breath,  then part upon the divide.

Next time, in another place when you say

‘hurrah, I did it!’ another , in my place

to hold you, support you, encourage you

to go forward, and live beautifully.    

Every foot adheres to its own     

rules and regulations.     

So, we must continue our journey

In lives chosen course.



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Parting

  1. Sangeeta…what a wonderful blog!! Liam and I love your thoughts, your poetry, your growth. Keep it up…it encourages Liam to spread out more of his thoughts in HIS blog at !!

  2. Indu

    🙂 roller coasters, swings, treasure hunts, sometimes a quite walk just-in-step… Its all beautiful if you allow it to follow its course -dont you think?

    Nice post…

  3. Chanda

    Allow its course ……
    For you accept that itz destiny
    Friends you choose
    Relatives u inherit
    We except and we decline
    the courses we mind
    And yes….we must continue jourourney………….

    Nice work sweetheart………..keep pouring …….ur creativity…..

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