Recipe for a new Life

Didnt realise what it would bring out, when i excitedly called/ mailed /fb’ed my frendz to share my achievement  – I am doing a cookbook!

Every eyebrow that knows me in this world was raised for a moment ( more maybe). How simple statements can muster dangerous inferences!  Them all & I know well, Cooking is nowhere close to things that i can do well, or put my efforts into. At best, I feed my family at the proper meal times, and i make sure it has some amount of nutritional value.

Hold on, you self centered , opinionted creatures!  Hear me out before you decide i might be a misfit here. For starters, this cookbook is a Big charity effort. An assorted group of Expat club ladies have cooked/tasted/recooked with variations, tested again, tasted and finally  compiled this exhaustive list of 170 recipes.

I am a Counsellor editor, part of the production team, supporting the coordination among the photographers, layout designers, printer team, and writer for the complete presell story that goes into press. All proceeds from this book will  go to an orphanage in Tibet.

It was cool being part of the process while they designed each cooked recipe, and took pictures to make it look so appetizing. I did get to taste some of them, too. I was amazed when I heard that this compilation work has taken them almost a year, before they approached my Editorial & design team to give it the final shape, and bring the product into the market.

Anyway, lots of design ideas are still thrown around, and tasks commisioned. It is asked of me to make special blurbs with foodie tips, or variation ideas, to give more value to the recipe, to educate the reader. Haah! yes, now you may all laugh & sneer aloud!

 I was taken aback till there was no room & no way out. It’s ok, I can handle it. let me set a  realistic plan. I will pick a few of those pages/recipes, that need layout support. I will cook each of them. My family will be happy to taste and give honest advice, then I cook again with the variation tip, and they get to eat it again. If it turns out to be delectable, there ! It goes into the book.

This is going to be a great learning experience, my family is equally excited. Our collective knowledge will increase as we unravel the science of cooking, really understand the technicality of a borscht , a quiche or the how to’s of mastering the souffle. trifle , creme bulee or reach the required crispness for a tart or a cookie bar.

Did I mention the USP. Each recipe is also translated into Mandarin. It will help  all foriegners/ non chinese speaking people to get there, and buy the right ingredients and cook that very special dish, and not miss home so much.


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