I’m a Notebook Addict with a Writing problem


I have a Big addiction for notebooks and all stationery items, and a Problem of writing!

The first one makes big designer holes in my pocket ( like any other addiction), and the other at times earns me pocket money. Anyway, I am not giving up either! I love my lust for paper & pencils. It’s so difficult to walk past a stationary shop without peering in, and feeling those fresh new things, and smelling the parched paper. Then I have to buy a few items. While I try to reason out why we might need those things,  my spouse informs me sarcastically, ‘ Honey, we have so much stationary at home, our next 5 generations may not need to buy anything for their schooling.

He forces me to feel guilty, but i dont waste my time conversing with my conscience, justifying this n that, i just go ahead and buy them.I am sure all you addicts out there understand this very well, there is no reason to find reason for your addiction, for what you absolutely love to do –  be it eat, drink, smoke, shop, buy books or have sex – you got to do it, when you’ve got to do it, right?

With the changed ways of life, where all use emails, and texts, and chats, I rarely get to use my colourful decorative notepads for communication. In the past when i did that, i felt i was giving a part of myself to the person who recieved my letter, card or piece of writing. I wish i could write those love-letters & poetries all over again, and enjoy the romance through them.

Still I keep them safe in a big box, and admire them                                                                                          occasionally, like one would admire a photo album.

I check that my quills & colour pens & rubber stamps sit comfortably, and my notepads dont get frayed at the corners.

And I love the feeling of possessing them, they hug me back so often.


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One response to “I’m a Notebook Addict with a Writing problem

  1. Leo

    I totally agree I have the same problem!

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