Bio – circa 2011

Finally , i could put together something/s about myself, that sounds sane & comprehensible to the readers, who might want to understand me betteh!

My name is Sona Ghose. I am a writer, storyteller, blogger, creative freak, strategist, and occasionally feel the urge to live by Gandhian principles, or even Mother Teresa. Oh no, this is again making me sound complicated. Dad calls me ” bahēliyā” which means  – one who tells intoxicating stories, can make you follow like the pied piper. I am mostly simple otherwise. Believe me!

I write/co produce with my creative friends, Expat magazines , for the english speaking crowd in SZ city.

I am working on a Charity cookbook, which is a complete volunteer work by our expat volunteers. I learnt that people can be really nice at donating time, efforts,food, hours of work, and skills.  The proceeds from this book will be sent to Seng Girls school & home – an orphanage in Tibet, which provides home & schooling for over 100 orphan or poor girls.

I am co-authoring a book about “Doing Business in China” bringing together the story of this man who was initiated to china through an official assignment, and ended up an Entrepreneur, and my own experiences working with Indian businesspeople who are awed with opportunities in china, but scared & worried on where n how to start. We hope this book makes their decision making process  easier, and helps them past the initial hiccups, to set foot on this amazing land.

My children’s stories ( started in 2005) have found a young creative  illustrator, and we plan to launch our first volume of kiddie stories soon.

I am enjoying endlessly working with, and being around my creative friends – photographers, graphic designers, artists, painters, talented bakers, foodies, wine connoiseurs……list is growing.

Secretly, I am getting my poetry book designed, which is for my prince.


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