My Son

started a blog today it , or was it last week.

He is 11. He likes the idea of a blog, and he wanted to publish a million things to his frendz, without writing them.

lazy bum, he is worried about so much typing. I offered to type for him, which means he will have to write it down for me, full on paper, neatly and……….thats way beyond him!

anyway, i am encouraging him, it might be a good way to continue his journaling, which he is very slack about, it might make his grammer & spellings better, it might connect him to more young boys n girls who want to share writing …..who knows.

I am not sure what kind of things he will come up with – but am sure trying to force my direction & rules on him………as expected yes. he is completely in awe of Roald Dahl, and likes to copy styles from various series ranging from berenstien bears to horrid henry to wimpy kid to hardy boyz. And the violent games and toys, robots &  nerf guns that mould his wierd  imagination. whatever the concoction – please be kind to read.






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