Life……….comes in the way!

As I enter the quiet of my study it becomes a sacred place. I forget the rest of the world and my undone tasks and enter into a relationship with my art which is a form of meditation. The utter peace that descends on my soul as soon as I am surrounded with books, knowledge and stuff.

I have to be jerked out to get to the daily tasks  that await my attention.  I get frustrated because mundane chores get in the way of the creative process.  Who cleans the house, pray? Who prepares the meals, does the shopping, and sorts out the bills and other daily problems? Who cares for the old folk, the children? The reality hurts eh!

It is tedious for me to make the required social phone calls , the weekend dinner plans,or guests visiting. As if that wasnt enough, people try to make me feel inadequate, my way of living is not a social norm. Expat women have way too many coffee gatherings & luncheon gossip that extends till late afternoons, completely indigestible to my system. Occasionally yes, they get past my thick self assured self, and just when i was struggling with  guilt, my mentor sends me a letter explaining how an artist can almost live like a monk! well, not so strict …….but

As a writer, I like a monastic life. Some days I am most lucky. I  rise early, write before breakfast, correspond, read , write, break briefly for a simple lunch, perhaps a brisk walk , maybe a good cup of ginger tea, then back to the study. Dinner is at home with  family. I work each day until tired, read a lot, sleep well, and do it again the next day. My cell phone and I, both on silent. I realize I have always been  willing to sacrifice to make time to do this gift I have been given. I cannot allow  interferences between me & my art. I do not need to feel any guilt if I have outgrown all materialistic pleasures. The simple joy of the daily creative life: no frills necessary, just fulfilling one’s mission here on earth.

Robert explains further – ” To be in touch with creativity on a daily, even hourly, basis may just happen to edge yourself closer to divinity. If our universe is indeed a creation,  then perhaps we need to be on that wavelength. Pushing art is a high calling. To do it well you need humility. You need to walk the walk. You need a well-regulated, simple life so that you might become both servant and student.”

Bless you Robert, for gently bringing me back….


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