I got to complete this post in 40 minutes

My day is packed with things to do, important and mundane. Let me strictly confirm the harsh fact – the important things remain important and have decently placed deadlines, and the mundane are always necessary, and can create an emergency if not accomplished at the designated time. If I want to get down to the real tasks I want to get done on a particular day, I Better  get the  list of mundane & extremely necessary things done…starting with

Get the kids to school ( dress, breakfast, lunch boxes, drop off)

Cook , and while working on the menu check on the husband, parents, other family members & the pets, make sure all are fed)

Run errands ( if you don’t want one or more of the family people or kids getting into trouble at job or school – e.g get the Halloween dress in time, drop/pick THAT suit to the dry cleaners, and the like)

Return calls depending on whose calls I missed the most number of times, and how panicky that particular friend is – I don’t want the police/fire squad come in search for me.

Take it easy. Easy? I must not not shout at all those desperate & disturbed , confused,  housewife lady friends from the coffee club, who just have to call to share the juicy gossip or their age-ing problems – forgive them, they have no idea that their actions are making me as mad and wasted as them.

To not  forget my own Vitamin B or C, lest I am found drained & unconscious at the grocery store – that is a confirmed day of NO work.

Get the kids to the swim/dance/craft activity in time, you’ve paid the advance.

Do at least a bit of planning of the forthcoming pool party/family gathering, jot down some quick smart points so that I don’t feel guilty in case the coordinator calls on me.

Please the husband, keep a nice dvd ready for a Friday family movie time, or plan something for the weekend for ‘us’ time.

All the above mentioned tasks are during the weekdays, which are also my work days. My official working week ends on a Thursday night and I juggle with a different set of activities with no control over their time frame/ schedule, earliest I can find my normal self is around Tuesday noontime.

Did I mention the cleaning, clearing, changing bedsheets,grocery, fruits, watering the plants/gardner and my own workout time here. I think not, they have to be squeezed in between the 2 categories i mentioned above.

What the…….

I mean, after all this drama, I am not sane enough to do the tasks I thought I wanted to get DONE TODAY!

This is what happens when you are a freelance writer who makes the mistake of announcing aloud, I  work from home!

Oh, and several assignments decide to pour on me all at once. Just when I wasn’t bothered chasing after them. Becoz it was approaching autumn holidays. Uughh. So now after doing all that, I need a writing schedule! Or else, I lose those assignments, maybe even make a bad name in the market, even before a get known. More Uughhh.

photocredit - Poodleforum.com

I dropped out of the corporate world for the fun, flexibilty & sheer pleasure of self-employment & freelance writing. (I don’t like discipline, I wont tolerate a boss breathing down my neck to turn in reports, I work as  I feel like, I prefer to be my own boss. For the real talent to bloom and shock this world…….I had to be free!!!

Is this free? I’m forty now. And  wondering what’s happened to my capital L Life? The one where I had to shelve my grand tour of book reading & signing event, because the award winning ceremony had to be preponed , becoz the gliteratti etc, etc, etc….the one where I preferred to blog special pages from the Hawai islands, blah blah The expectation that this big step in life is one day going to show me to be the Stienbeck or Hemingway or a Bukowski of our generation.

Except I don’t write much. Trying to match the School calender , and spouse’s travel plans with my own dates, and bills & family investments, and food,  grocery and sports and summer have all got in the way of actual writing. But I have the thoughts! Oh yes. I am a thinker. Just get a few drinks down and I can blurt the complete script in a go! Got any coke? I need a break before I start some real writing.


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