I started a new blog

I started a new blog, about expat life in China, through a shenzhen support website http://www.wikishenzhen.com

The adventure of discovering China was the singular thought that brought me here. The only strong driving factor was the whole learning and exploring of the mystique which is called China. I did not have any expectations, or worry about challenges that I might face, and I consider myself as a simple , ordinary girl who is ready for the newness. 2 years and I am still the same ordinary person, who has been exposed to foreign, unfamiliar, even shocking experiences & happenstances here in this strange land. This is a collage of little snippets of my life in china.

This , that has brought about a special change in me, this phase has handed over to me such tangible, real encounters that are moulding me into a new being. Some episodes have  made me question my own belief system, made me debate my proud perceptions, illusions.  Each day can bring a fresh learning, can teach how to struggle with realities ( absoluteness) that I didn’t know exists. I bring these forward to the readers, some thought-provoking images and  questions that inspire personal, soul-searching responses, as happened to me.

read more on http://sona.wikishenzhen.com/


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