Sixteen reasons why I won’t write today

As so many times done earlier, I am yet again stealing a thought , that was sent for inspiring me by my online mentor. Well , it did the trick. I was excited to share these thoughts with my creative friends and readers.

Robert was telling about the kind of excuses artists make to procrastinate work, because of distractions, real or made up.

“I ran out of yellow ochre.” “I saw ants in the studio.” “I was too hot.” “I was too cold.” “Somebody broke into our house and stole the TV.” “Our Jack Russell, (Jack Russell?) had to go to the vet.” “This day next week my sister-in-law is coming.” “I can’t think of anything to write about.” “My brother is moving out.” “I’m overtired from sleeping on the floor.” “My art teacher died.” “I had to help Dad with his walk-in bath.” “I couldn’t find my sketches from last year.” “My brushes are in too poor shape.” “My Pontiac worries me; it needs replacing.”

How can these  artists forget, that their art is their savior. Their art made them what they are, so we have to give it priority. We cant afford to get overwhelmed with our own work. Will-Do-it-later-syndrome can be addictive, a few hours can become a day, and days can extend upto a week!

Besides such outrageous excuses, people strongly discuss about taking a break, or taking breaks. Pray when does one take a break? When one has done enough! And if one has really worked enough, then there is no need for an excuse, just go ahead and take a break (that is if you need one) without any guilt.

When another artist was asked “Terry, do you ever need a break from painting?” He said , “actually I start to get twitchy and a little difficult if I had not had a brush in my hand in 48 hours.”

All in all, I would rather be obsessed.

Saves time trying to figure out anything about breaks.

How long should they be?

What should I do instead of read or write?

What if I don’t want to write for a long time? (Oh my, the guilt!)

Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about these things. I’ve been diagnosed with writing obsession.

An excuse for never taking a break. There is always a thread (of thought) in my head. So I am composing some piece even if I am not in front of my laptop. This sometimes makes me a poor conversationalist. This sometimes makes me boring… but not inside my head where I am perfectly happy indeed. Last year I struggled with how much time I actually had to spend on social media. I handled this by saying I wasn’t quite ready so I could read instead.

I will put off dishes, I will put off cooking, I will put off laundry, I will put off eating……..and if I have things to do during the day, which I often do, I will stay up until I’m falling asleep because I’m rather addicted to my pencil and watching it move across paper. I’ve fallen asleep with a pen in my hand ………..but I never understand those who can’t make the time.

Dear Robert, you couldn’t have stated it any better, “to a butterfly, a week is a lifetime.”

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