Second breath

A “second breath” is a restart of a work after getting a second opinion from yourself.

Taking a “second breath” on works that haven’t quite made it to the “acceptable” stage by your own standards definitely deserve to be addressed again.  Well, that includes all of my works.

For now, I have restarted work on my poetry book. This time it would be the final version – a work I am completely proud of right from the start – while it was playing in my mind for months, while I worked on it, while I troubled my art designer for befitting sketches, while we discussed and relooked at the pieces.

As I pick it up again to put in some fresh ideas, i see some parts as perfect – I wouldn’t change a word in a hundred years; others might need a substitute. I am trying to think out of the box to modify, rearrange, reverse, eliminate, adapt or after permutations come back to the original.

Robert advices – “It may be a fresh new idea you are introducing, but it must not appear as add-on or overworking. In short, you must toil to make your changes look like there was no toil. One stroke too many and you have let the weasel out of the sack. Try not to tighten up. You need not consider the time you’ve already wasted, the cloud of your ego, or the riveting need to keep some particular part. This is business and you need to make the business better. You need to ask yourself, “What could be?”

On my way…then.

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