A Foriegn Affair of a different Kind


My relationship with China is at a different high right now; something similar to the 7th year itch! I’ve been working on this association – understanding, seeing, arguing, drawing inspiration, stepping back to look at the big picture, coming back to verify my impressions, where I am re-evaluating my life here. No, not at all – I have not yet lost the love for this land, rather it has been pickled, it’s getting seasoned into an unwavering deep affection. The magical country still has its spell on me!

Then again we all look at the same things with different eyes, you may see what I may miss; your senses might get stimulated by dumplings, perhaps I would get lilted by the chubby babies all around. You may get startled by the frenzy in the metro, I worry over the civic sense. I realize that I contradict myself many times, and feel constrained too, but I am grateful to god for this art, this freedom that words provide me.

I have been able to unravel a few mysteries, enjoy greasy food, make a few good friends. It has taught me patience and perseverance; I feel it’s time to give back and share what I have learnt. I am privileged to have my time here, to see the world converging towards China. Although strict with rules, China gives us many possibilities to do new things. I look forward to another year of excitement.




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