Street Fever

Black and white and the many colours in between

There is a lot of passion and sincerity needed to appreciate and photograph street images. One has to capture the obvious, in absolute natural form, without pose or makeup.Its lack of sophistication gives character and distinctiveness to this form.




A certain roughness and distortion is more convincing to the eye. Clicking away gives a sense of freedom and emotionality that comes from a direct dialog with nature, places and things.



When I am looking at a photo I think what was the photographer trying to grasp, in that moment? Did he clarify in his mind what was the main area or interest in the photo that attracted him in the first place. Will his focus area translate for me?

When doing Black and white which areas are worth keeping and which are to be left out? Will other elements need to be added? More photoshop? more shades? How can the final work be made attractive?


White and black are better in many ways when the photographer is creating shadows or nuances of shades with other colors. Art Gurus say ‘Nature abhors anything absolute…including black and white, which are not seen in nature very much. Everything is a matter of degree, of many colors. White is never absolute and the same for black…so grays are the champions. The night sky is not black, but blue so deep it looks black and the white snow is so white it cannot avoid reflecting any other color.

My artist friend Stanislav Holota (Stano) was born in Slovakia. A wine trader and an accomplished photographer, Stano lives in China and has photographed daily. He has made photography a lifetime project and intends to shoot every day for the rest of his life. His work is focused on street photography, watercolour, portriats and graphics.


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  1. Paul

    Nice pictures. Talented guy.

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