Studio Dynamics

I have a few favourite places where i plant my stuff and work. Besides my study, i can be found floored on the living room carpet, perched on the terrace furniture, cluttered around the arm chair, my bed with pillows all propped up and me in absolute crazy hair attitude ( one never wants to see me in that, believe me you).

Seeing my studio you might think that I am neat, but I really am not. What happens is that I get tantrums when writing goes messy, and then I turn around to find something to blame it on. Then I throw out anything I lay my eyes on that doesnt look essential (husband has survived so far). My organizing system is patterny. I have a wall case for books and all things paperwork-like, a box for anything stationary-like, shelf for large objects, piles on the floor theme wise, the study table with notebooks, pens, ideas-n-waiting. I like to group similar things. I am bothered when a thing gets into a wrong pile. Luckily, that only takes precedence when things aren’t going well. On happy days I couldn’t care less about spiders invading the self help pile.

Its a task for me to be netsavvy, so much stuff goes into notebooks, which get misplaced, forgotten, found , comprehended, then again put in some pile to be…ughhh! I walk a thin line between order and chaos.

my study
Organised or not, this is my comfort space, gives me peace, uninterrupted zone for contemplation. The studio is a stage where drama unfolds. Sometimes it’s a comedy, sometimes a tragedy, and sometimes all hell is breaking loose, devotion happens. I am proud of it, it inspires me.

I am curious to know how other artists/writers’ work spaces/studios look. Please help me compile an album of these sanctuaries. Send a pic and a line or two about how much you covet your work space. We may also publish it as a guest post here with pic if you choose so. That’ll be great.


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