The sleep of Reason

Goya's most famous work, 1797-98

Goya’s most famous work, 1797-98 – THE SLEEP OF REASON



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2 responses to “The sleep of Reason

  1. Why no answer to my e-mails for the last 2 years ? what have I written that offends ? Hope all goes well with your family, and if you have kept the box of books and DVD’s they have been informative.
    Wishing you and yours all the very best,
    PS I wish there were some way to put the Goya painting on my Facebook timeline. ATB.

    • John dearest, can never forget you. Thank you again for the lovely books & dvd s. Send me your ideas on ‘ the sleep of reason’ it was so overwhelming , I have been holding onto the Goya book for a week now, but couldn’t write anything, thots still jamming my brain, havnt articulated any yet, enuff to put on the blog, hence just the art. It speaks for itself anyway. I’ll send the picture on yr FB. Take care!

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