Am I plagiarizing?

I would be talking about copying et al, in a few sentences from now. Just like to bring to your notice that, umm, this world has been here for approx. 3 million years, and earliest human forms date back to 6000 years – with scientists & archeologists backing up data from cave paintings, ice age drawings, carbon dating and various procedures.

Give or take a few thousand years, it is evident that there are infinite items of art ,etchings,  scripts, colourful works, detailed illustrations, handiwork, for reference. Extensive work is being put into saving them, preserving by historians who bring them on display for us mere mortals to admire, understand, watch and learn. Some of us appreciate those works more than the others, enjoy, savor, revel, the joys realized are boundless. More we delve, to feel what was, more we revere, more are the urges to replicate the works of the known ‘Stars’.

what’s not to understand the natural desire to copy and feel good! Every new artist ( who may or maynot rise to his own stardom) will start by mimicking the style and /or subject matter of the ones he idolizes. Get that.

Dark Stallion Acrylic painting by H Margret

Dark Stallion
Acrylic painting by H Margret


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