An eccentric life

As much as artists are expected to be creative, as much are they expected to be eccentric.

Well, there is definitely some madness which is synonymous to ingenious passion , I feel, in creative people of the world. However , they are genuine, and at times often unaware of their own idiosyncrasies. Eccentricity is the side-effect of the passionate force  of individualism.
Two of my favourite creative people  Francis Bacon (painter) and Charles Bukowski (poet) were compulsive alcoholics. Francis
thought alcoholism fed his eccentricity. And Bukowski, his creativity is associated with eccentricity, disorganization and other expressions of behavioral chaos. A writer with a drinking problem, or a drunkard with writing problem, it must have been so mingled. Although I believe, there is nothing wrong in being normal and do normal things too….one CAN choose flavours of ice-creams, eat them in company, and write poetry too….u hear me Charles!

Self Portrait -Triptych by Francis Bacon

Self Portrait -Triptych
by Francis Bacon

Surprisingly, there are some fake eccentrics too. They lead such dull lives that they find the need to cook up stuff to make themselves stand out. Then they market it to create the hype. it doesn’t last much, I hope.

“Eccentricity is a method of distinction so cheap that fools employ it to accentuate their incapacity.” (Ambrose Bierce)




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