An account of time

I am always concerned about my procrastination and time wasting — conditions that attack me at regular intervals. My mentor Robert advised me to follow a system that was devised by an artist Joe Blodgett, which he called ‘ the 14 golden stations’.  I quote here, ‘  It works this way: You need a clock or a watch with an hourly chime. On the hour changes — generally from 8am to 9pm — you make a one-word note in a journal accounting for what you catch yourself doing. For example yesterday mine looked like this: Walking, emailing, painting, painting, varnishing, driving, dreaming, planning, painting, painting, reading, snoozing, painting, painting.’ Word is there is an increasing number of Blodgettites around the world. It is good to face reality, and consciously account for the things we do.

Robert says , ‘ It’s definitely useful for accomplishment oriented self – starters who may be falling off the wagon. And when the “T” words like telephoning, TVing and talking show up regularly you may decide to make some changes.’ I am trying to do it, and would be open to revealing my list here, when there will be fewer entries that could be classified as dreaming.

Portrait of Emma Zorn oil on canvas by Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920)

Portrait of Emma Zorn
oil on canvas
by Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920)


“The way to foresee and control your future is to monitor and regulate your present.” (Joe Blodgett)



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