Season for Gifts

When asked what I want for Diwali , Christmas, New years , B day, anniversary ( all falling within weeks of each other) I am never able to put it straight. The list I can put together though ( with difficulty) is a list of my stuff that is over, and I may (not necessarily) need it.

By no means I am ungrateful, mind you. I’m thinking that artists are among those who don’t really want to receive too many gifts for the Holiday Season. It may have something to do with the overabundance of joy in our daily lives , or for the constant distraction of our brains, but we artists, by and large, are not into materialism. Actually, this year the only thing that I want is a doodle book, thanx to my latest obsession. That may also be a great way to spend time with my son – me doodling, him googling…aah.

But I digress. The only thing that I can ever remember really craving for is the know-how to do a decent novel. I would like to be another great writer. For my stocking I want a zapper — perhaps a pill or an easily gulped liquid. Rushdie chutzpah, wodehouse talent, chinaski insanity, Monet joy – mash this stuff in bottles and gift it for me. Pop one just before stepping into the studio, and “Presto,” I’d be the wizard I always knew I was. Actually, I do receive much inspiration from my mentor, and from fellow artists, a few say they get inspired by me. Well, little nibbles of gifts they are.

I totally resonate what Robert says, ‘We don’t need stuff. We need ideas and energy and subjects and motivation and time and lots of other things that can’t be bought and are not sold at Wal-Mart. Happiness is not under the Christmas tree but somewhere in the air above it. It doesn’t stick to traditional dates or statutory holidays. It can sometimes be found on the most ordinary of Thursdays. Sometimes it just blows in like a swallow in December. Sometimes when you want it most you can’t have it. And sometimes you’re up to your elbows. That’s why we don’t need regular gifts. We’re into bigger stuff. And if we need tools or paint or clay or something we just go out and buy it anyway.’

“Thanks to my work everything’s going well.” (Claude Monet)




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