Post # 02-02-2016

This B’day afternoon I was laptopping  from my terrace in KL city. Most of the times I spend my birthday/s in some new city, new country , or back in the hometown for old times’ sake ( No, not splurging or such, occupational hazard is what keeps me from celebrating in the same place). Would love to celebrate my birthdays at places of my choice though. Ha, who wont?

terrace furniture

Besides my list of wanted gifts, and stuff, I also make it a point to start a new book, or a new idea on a fresh notebook, or both. This week on 02-02 I got handed over a script to work on. Cool. I also like to carry the work-in-progress, edit sheets or reading-in-progress around with me, what with wasted minutes on the road, and train, and cafes, waiting for people to be met. These days it seems I do it more, for the desperate fear of losing the thought process  ( lost in transit, or lost in translation, I encounter both) .

10 years back , during my corporate life, I used to read ( and carry around with me)  management related books, or self help. Once I have secured a latte and settled with the book, I don’t mind waiting anyways ; one time this  gentleman I had to meet with…..cant figure why i am reminiscing about these incidents from so long , but I am… here, me writing aloud!

Back to the gentleman who sent frantic apology messages for being 7 minutes late, arrives in haste, apologizes again, then smiled at my nonchalance and peered at the book in my hand, “reading?,   ‘First things, first’ eh?” Impressed or mocking, I couldn’t make out from his attitude, but I would like to assume he was impressed. Another time, I was engrossed-while-waiting in ‘ The 7 habits of highly successful people’. The person arrives and feigns courteous interest in the book. In my enthusiasm I start to sell , ‘ the 7 habits’ to my guest, till he gets exasperated and reveals, he hated self help books. All good, I don’t care what you like to read or not man, nor does Covey need my help for publicity.

Guess it is a good time to revisit my precious possessions.




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