My Book

The kid from the Big apple

Novel published March 2016

Here Vs there: Loving the things here, but missing the things there! Every scene progressed deeper into the emotions of how anyone would feel being a stranger in a new place. The constant turmoil the 12 year old girl went through, while adjusting to being a Chinese (by birth) among other Chinese people , living alone for the first time with her Grandfather, getting to re-learn her own culture is the central theme of this movie. From New York city to a Chinese neighborhood in Malaysia, is a big leap.

Many relocated expats, and many Chinese youngsters across the world will relate to this simple story, and cry , like I did, with each scene. The feeling and nuances have been portrayed beautifully, and that’s what attracted me to become a part of this movie, in its novel form.

I have been through this myself, almost every other summer vacation, when I landed among the big joint family of my grandparent house, among different smells and rituals, great aunts pinching my cheeks, touching my hair, pouring away extra curry into my plate. It freaked me to sit in the large praying hall with idols, sacred books and instruments, which would the same size as our apartment in the big city. Within days I would start enjoying the adoration and taking advantage of the pampering, till I was brought back to my mom’s disciplined world, with rules and proper timings. Then I would miss my grandparents place.

I am thankful to Jess to allow me to be a part of this work. I thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgic feeling down memory lane. I look forward to many positive responses from the readers.


Sona Ghose


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