Blocked? Hammer it out, baby!

Blocked i feel, filled with lots of excuses. No remedy works, when it doesn’t have to work.

Hammer it out, baby!

Hammer it out, baby!


So many good hearted artists have sent me tips.

I must say a strong message from Pamela Franz seems really appropriate for shameless me! I quote her here.

“Being blocked is a self indulgent excuse for laziness that artists seem prone to. I am no exception but the following has helped to minimize it.

Next time you are “blocked”, scream inside yourself “I AM A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST. I CAN CREATE 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. I AM DRIPPING WITH CREATIVITY!”

The moon and the stars do not have to be properly aligned for you to create. The lights and the weather do not have to be perfect. You do not need to sit around in a dark room waiting for that bolt of inspiration to strike. Why? Because you are a professional artist who can create 24/7! This is your gift!

Obviously, corporations do not shut down because their employees get “blocked.” And they do not give “blocked” employees days off to remedy it. Start expecting yourself to behave professionally.”






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One response to “Blocked? Hammer it out, baby!

  1. alok Mohan

    Started reading, just now. Thanks for motivating and solving my problem.

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