More about the hammer

Here I sit, toiling over the words, moulding it out, chiseling my piece, smoothening, sweating  and then the big dilemma – who should I reveal it to? who will that be, the first viewer?

Richard Schmid

Richard Schmid

Its difficult to show drafts around and gather meaningless responses in the name of critique, or feedback, or whatever. It takes years of practice to churn out good stuff; and it takes an equally good number of years to discover who will be the right person for reviewing the stuff. One cant trust judgment from someone who may not  understand the toil, the moulding efforts, the chiseling artwork…..the sweat, the love. One cant bother with responses like, ‘ Nice! Interesting!  I like ….”  oh, for pete’s sake.

When looking for another set of eyes, or ears, when listening to another voice, you’re giving credence to another creative force. Choose your collaborator with care, Genn says. A qualified mind, a skilled reader, one who believes in my infinite potential, or some potential, please.

Trust is important. A strange thing has happened though. As much as my supporter has helped me with feedback and coaching, I had to bring him up too; at times he advised to REwrite my story, often a totally different story……..Imagine that! I had to remind politely that’s it’s originally mine, and it has to belong to me, eventually. Politeness didn’t get results always, the hammer was useful.

Guitarist Oil on Canvas by Richard Schmid

Oil on Canvas
by Richard Schmid

“It often takes two to do a good painting – one to paint it, and another to rap the painter smartly with a hammer before he or she can ruin it.” (Richard Schmid)


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