Finding my mojo back

Oftentimes, I seem to lose my will to write, or as they say, lose my mojo.

Its not a great feeling, I tell you, when all I know is ‘writing, and I cannot do that too. Robert says, ‘you cant stop believing in your own wizardry. That’s bad. Like the Wizard of Oz, it’s all about working weird levers behind a curtain. Do random stuff, indulge in other arts, and get it back. Whatever it takes, do without inhibitions. Magician- fool thyself!’

Fear not, I havnt yet started dancing like PP, although he did have a logical philosophy behind that. But who knows, I mean desperate times call for creative measures.


Pablo Picasso dancing in his studio, 1957 photo by David Douglas Duncan

A bunch of friends invited me for a game of carom. Reliving the much younger days, enjoying the hits and misses, seems I do have a decent sense of direction and purpose, my fingers not yet gone mental.

carom coins



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