For a cause

Rhapsody II by Angela treat Lyon

Rhapsody II – Bronze sculpture by Angela Treat Lyon

We meet different people at networking gatherings, parties. Some will flaunt their work, “we bring such & such service to the society, it helps many people”, or, “…ever since we went green, it has brought the pollution percentage down by….” ” we are expert consultants for ….” or the pompous ones, “we are fixing the ozone layer..”It’s always directed to the good their jobs are offering to the society, and hence justifying their big salaries, and/or their titles. I notice it is always easier to ask for donations or paid participations in the name of the ultimate good, which is fine too. The public applaud them, even give awards.

Then there are people like us, who don’t feel the need to attach our work to some cause, or larger reason (vague or direct). A few of us happen to be self assured, believers-in-own-art types and simply say, “I write”, or “I paint” , “I design” or the irritating non committal, “I am creative.” The looks we receive  – ” Oh yeah….and who pays the bills?”  A more concerned friend would even argue (privately), ‘come back to the real world, you need a job!’

All in good faith, I would like to reiterate that we artists do care about the world as well. And maybe we are just simpler, a little individualistic, not  verbose about the big picture.  Like I may write to bring awareness on an issue, or like my friend who is cleaning her brushes in Belgium right now, creating beauty in amazing hues. Or someone, hiking away completing her 10,000 hours of endurance, or diving to unfold nature treasures. It’s all for this world, we do care as well. If at all, we wait for acknowledgement, or tiny appreciation. or not.  Oh ..and, we have to pay our bills too.

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