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Ink, Illustrated on skin

Each pattern has a meaning

boasting of circumstances and colours

symbolic of

love, hate, rebellion, stuff in between

of facts and memories, that one wished

to hold onto, tight, tight from

under the skin, ligament

even marrow, if I may add.


Strange dilemmas, to share or not to

share, to expose or not, the heartaches

determined to guard then just

scream it all out, a proof in pain, the

ultimate creative expression, intended to

preserve the spirit, an extended companion

for life; I ‘ll  add you in my list of the

strong and mad.



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Blocked? Hammer it out, baby!

Blocked i feel, filled with lots of excuses. No remedy works, when it doesn’t have to work.

Hammer it out, baby!

Hammer it out, baby!


So many good hearted artists have sent me tips.

I must say a strong message from Pamela Franz seems really appropriate for shameless me! I quote her here.

“Being blocked is a self indulgent excuse for laziness that artists seem prone to. I am no exception but the following has helped to minimize it.

Next time you are “blocked”, scream inside yourself “I AM A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST. I CAN CREATE 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. I AM DRIPPING WITH CREATIVITY!”

The moon and the stars do not have to be properly aligned for you to create. The lights and the weather do not have to be perfect. You do not need to sit around in a dark room waiting for that bolt of inspiration to strike. Why? Because you are a professional artist who can create 24/7! This is your gift!

Obviously, corporations do not shut down because their employees get “blocked.” And they do not give “blocked” employees days off to remedy it. Start expecting yourself to behave professionally.”





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Wishes for 2016

wishing tree. Tie in what you desire for 2016

Its wishing time. Tie in what you desire for 2016

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December 12, 2015 · 10:55 pm

Tiny pursuits

better get back to serious blogging

better get back to serious blogging

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December 12, 2015 · 12:59 am

The big picture

Fellow artists have been inspiring me, that its never too late to draw. I am taking the big leap, to draw, illustrate for my children’s stories. Its a bright world out there, don’t know if my lines will even count, or reach somewhere.

A line is a dot that went for a walk. (Paul Klee)

A line is a dot that went for a walk. (Paul Klee)


Standby then, for the big picture!

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Global what??????

They are battering on and on..

We should be aware of the growing concerns of this century – economic meltdown, climate change, causes of poverty, health & environment, atomic energy, technology, peace, security, AIDS, water , women rights…………

The jargon hits me hard – its cluttering my brain – this “we” thing has become so exasperating, that we actually do not know who will take responsibility of all our actions put together, and it is tiring for me to even remember who is the green ambassador, or the naked protestor strutting to save fur & animal skin, the Gandhi-an fasting to remove corruption from a few billion minds!

sometimes I have scary dreams with all these words doing a cosmic dance, all chaos in my head – (go green, save animals, vegan diet, no-paper communica, orphans, marine life, charity, third world, developing nation, oil spills, garbage, stock scam, construction, factory gases) and I wake up worried & scared what am I to do? I am a simple being who can at best – in its neatest frame of mind, can think of just itself!



Agreed , scientifically we homo sapiens are the most intelligent, advanced creatures  on earth, and yes with the Apple and Microsoft, we have a come a long techno-way, but  haven’t we  taken this a bit too far? We have complicated things to the hilt, and now I am struggling with a few thousand ‘How to’ manuals and web instructions. It’s tiring with a capital T. Let’s Face it people, save a few ( Buddha, or a Gandhi and a Mother Teresa or the Pope, I can’t even think of anyone else), we are all simple humans who haven’t really reached a maturity level to understand global effects of our actions. We have wasted enuff time, energy and efforts to make everyone aware of the few hundred hazards of our advancements.

I say, if one strategy hasn’t worked for a long time, we need to change the strategy. It won’t hurt to take a step back from the BIG “WE” and get back to the simpler “I” level of action. My gut feeling is this strategy may have worked in ancient times, and it may work again to bring harmony back to my earth, at least for sure, in my heart, body n brain.

It’s easy, we’ve all done it before, easy to remember, with complete freedom to do as we (I)  feel right, no worries to follow a step process or pattern, free from time limits – do as much or as often as you feel like, no negative side effects or overdose effects,

Sounds too good to be true, right? We are used to complicated processes, we can’t even believe something could be so easy, nice, and effective , and I am totally sounding like those misleading, faulty diet programs who promise and promise TOO many goodies with each scroll down till you are tired and frustrated that you just  sign up and pay a few dollars, and get it off your back.

No sign up needed, no payment for this one, free to take all or leave midway, choose your own steps, you’ll see all these things come naturally to us, no advertising to convince me, no manual for teaching the do’s n dont’s –  a humble promise  it will bring rich results, and in case your definition of richness doesn’t match mine, it will still make you a few notches happier!

Do your part, combat climate chaos

I will be good to myself – I will do things that make me happy and make me smile everyday. I will run, play and cook for myself (and people I care about).

I will buy things that I really need, when I need.   

I will eat as much as my body needs – I will be alert to my senses and body to understand when I have had enough. In India, they say – you will seldom see a fat dog, or a fat toad, because they sure know how much to eat. I may want to learn from my pet (or my nieghbours pet).

I will enjoy nature. Smell fresh air, and bask in the colours of the earth. 

I will be self sufficient, and content with what I have.

I will walk , clear my mind & body of toxins.

I will love myself – this is the easiest of all. I will have a bath everyday, and keep myself, my clothes and my surroundings clean, I will not let anyone pass on germs to me.

I will have sex only with the person/s I truly love.

I will not kill and eat – for the simple reason that all creatures have a right to live. Besides, bad animal rearing can cause flu & infections – I promised to keep my system clean, remember?

I will not hurt myself – which means I will drive safely, I will not get drunk and get into fights at the bar, I will be calm and not let anyone get mad at me.

I will respect my own private space, even in public. If I don’t shout and get angry, I will not give anyone a chance to get angry and break stuff around.

I will not live in debt – I will spend from what I earn, and save a bit.

I will read every day, learn, and share my knowledge with someone.

I will concentrate on keeping my backyard clean…………

(let someone else worry about fixing the Ozone layer!)

                                                                        Got  more ” I” action ideas?

No subscription, sign up needed

Just write in!

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