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Hang out

Derick and I

we hang out, like

a lot.

we are a little alike

as friend are,

we enjoy people watching

at the café, sit catlike

we love our cosy creamy skin

narcissts by faar,

most of all, we love being alone

together, like

a lot.




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blame it on the rain….

blame it on the stars…..

I have to blame it on someone for the ugly delay of my beloved project. This blame is no excuse, mind you, I can submit real proof.

Rewind to a few months back – I get the first printed version of the poetry book and present it to Him – SURPRISE!!! And the look on his face was nowhere close to any expectations I might have had in my present or former life. Nice guy but he totally hates surprises; he hasn’t in 20 odd years even tried to learn ways to deal with creative people –  that pretty much speaks about his capabilities, and the fact  that he does not know any other way of living but of a military, out-of-the-rule-book-pattern.

My partner was sincerely offended and hurt, reason being that  IF he was the suppos-ed and lucky receiver of this creation, then why was he not part of the planning, creating, decision-making process? does his opinion not count? Blah, blah. why is the designers’ ideas given priority?

Make peace baby, give me all your opinion, and I’ll see how to put it in.

There! I mean, cant you be sensitive towards a piece of art made purely for love’s sake?! You are supposed to say the right things man- its amazing, it’s beautiful, thank you, I am overwhelmed!

No sir, we spot mistakes cover to cover, right down to the size, the shades, the title, the text is abstract even outrageous, the drawings not appropriate, the loopholes in terms of marketing this book, the acknowledgements not proper enough to appeal the potential publisher…..blah

You see, his complete logical sense is convoluted and confused. If I had to put in all of that, snip and tuck, make it fancier, with a certain twist that you feel would create the desired effect, it would become your book, not the thing that I was creating.

Ok, I admit to a certain extent maybe the abstract pieces, loose connections might need to be tweaked up…just maybe, not necessarily.

But the point is, I missed the joy of receiving a proud look ( aah, the things we do for love’s sake….) and I sighed at the tasks to be done before it becomes a bestseller, which it will not anyway. IT gives me immense happiness just lying here by my bedside, almost done, a few sheets sticking out.         

All blame’s in place, guess I can get back to work on it.

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My Son

started a blog today it , or was it last week.

He is 11. He likes the idea of a blog, and he wanted to publish a million things to his frendz, without writing them.

lazy bum, he is worried about so much typing. I offered to type for him, which means he will have to write it down for me, full on paper, neatly and……….thats way beyond him!

anyway, i am encouraging him, it might be a good way to continue his journaling, which he is very slack about, it might make his grammer & spellings better, it might connect him to more young boys n girls who want to share writing …..who knows.

I am not sure what kind of things he will come up with – but am sure trying to force my direction & rules on him………as expected yes. he is completely in awe of Roald Dahl, and likes to copy styles from various series ranging from berenstien bears to horrid henry to wimpy kid to hardy boyz. And the violent games and toys, robots &  nerf guns that mould his wierd  imagination. whatever the concoction – please be kind to read.






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