Original watercolour : Stanislav Holota

Lack of order they say

Gradual decline,

It is the opposite of creative endeavor;

 I see it as a sign.


Seeds degenerating and sprouting

Into little radicle seedling,

The random little stem finding its way

towards the sun and smiling.


Or animal matter decaying

And providing healthy dung,

Stinking organic life, paving

For new life to be sprung.


The smaller minds and their karmas

The larger with attached chaos,

Sincere thoughts amidst

Incessant fake pathos.


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Hang out

Derick and I

we hang out, like

a lot.

we are a little alike

as friend are,

we enjoy people watching

at the café, sit catlike

we love our cosy creamy skin

narcissts by faar,

most of all, we love being alone

together, like

a lot.




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Wild flower


Grow like a wild flower

In all the places where

You wouldn’t think

Anything grows;


Climb  unknown buildings,

Little paths , In abandon

Through cracks

Untamed, yet

Easily broken


Blooming, shying

Just sprouting impulsive

No petals or thorns

Only pure



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A new leaf

There are poems inside of me

That paper cant handle

Turn a new leaf, they say

New year, new beginnings,

cast far off from the painful yesterday;



Another pile of  resolutions,


Its not a magic wand

Old doings will haunt

Old frames pertinently stay

I cannot be unaware of the

real day;


Drawing : Pooja Verma


It hurts my creativity

O Angels, my eyes go misty

give me some naivete!

There is no rest, no repose

I don’t want to understand anymore;

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As I travel through time;

Or it travels through me, sublime;

For each is its own paradigm;

I think of that place;

If it can be called a place;

Beyond time and space;

Where, as souls, we gather;

In our stations, you and I together.


Sharing our aspirations;

Not by words or actions;

Those are for mortal men and maidens;

But by the presence of the other;

For soul mates, we were;

Savouring in the company of one another.


Looking down into the dark abyss;

We see those who have a long way to go;

And above us are those who glow;

Each in their own rank and row;


We know that to rise into that glow;

We must create time and space;

Into which we must take human form to grace;

Forgetting each other;

And all we shared together;

Into the hands of the Blacksmith;

To be burnt and forged therewith.


And when the pain is not bearable;

And the purpose becomes a baffle;

And there is no way to pass;

And life seems a morass;

The kindly Blacksmith, awesome;

Throws us into our soul mates bosom.


Who for now is a stranger;

Whom we seem to have known forever;

To whom we want to open our hearts bare;

As we did before with little care;

But clouded by our acquired ego;

We loosen the reins slowly to show;

Our joy with this soul from long ago.


Alas, it has been the Blacksmith’s play;

To bring together soul mates gone astray;

At the direst moments of their way;

For relief, but only for a short stay.


Be warned O Blacksmith;

Lest the heavens be torn apart;

That this time around;

Your mallet shall take respite;

Contributing poet, and friend Vilochan

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Drawing : Courtesy Pooja

Write , erase, shadows, bits of light

I can never feel satis-fied

It’s the same, history

There is no mystery.

Rarely I feel this bright,

Like that precious light

Of the eclipse!


Traversing along, in our

Own orbits, closing in maybe

Till we crossed paths

And I , like the moon

Blocked your world

You are so much brighter than me

Glowing in your endless fire

Engulfing me, embracing

My entire

I felt so bright,

Like that precious light

Of the eclipse!


They say its unlucky

Someone stole the moon

Dusk n dawn of colours canary

 But I was lost in awe, you

aligning  into my orbit,

Warming me, embracing

My entire

I felt so right,

With your precious light

Of the eclipse!








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                                                                        Live art drawing by Sophia Chiang, live model Sanan

It has been a lifetime

As I struggled with the demons of mine

That pretended to be values

And virtues

Whispering that living for others is godly

While serving my needs is worldly



And for ages I flowed

In the river of life

Half drowned

Seeking salvation

In my confusion


I must thank you

Whom the gods sent at the right time

As I struggled to surface in that river

To give me a reason

To stay above the water


Tonight I shall raid the heavens

And lay down my claim

Right or wrong

That the gods keep us together

For as long as you want.

  Contributing poet, and dear friend Vilochan


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What place is this
That beckons me to let go
To be as I wish to be
Unrestrained by the shackles of norm
Answerable only to myself

Here the clouds gather heavy
The wind has stilled itself
The leaves shake no more
But the birds continue to call out
Telling me that the clouds are only passing by
That I should continue lying down
Under the open sky

But why?
Why should I choose you
Over all else
To unshackle my restraints
When that which I yearn for
Has taken another form                                                                                                                             And there is none worthy anymore

v-doodleContributing poet, and friend Vilochan

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Brain workout



Some days I write blog posts,

………and some days are spend

mulling over my artist friend’s vacant canvas

or another’s tea n tattoo fetish,

worry about the one who is stuck in training,

or the one who went trekking in the

heat of September.


don’t get me wrong, It is rather exciting to

have a brain workout with friends’ issues,

than my own, beaten twisted struggles.


This was a friendspiration week. No regrets!

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Ink, Illustrated on skin

Each pattern has a meaning

boasting of circumstances and colours

symbolic of

love, hate, rebellion, stuff in between

of facts and memories, that one wished

to hold onto, tight, tight from

under the skin, ligament

even marrow, if I may add.


Strange dilemmas, to share or not to

share, to expose or not, the heartaches

determined to guard then just

scream it all out, a proof in pain, the

ultimate creative expression, intended to

preserve the spirit, an extended companion

for life; I ‘ll  add you in my list of the

strong and mad.



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