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Original watercolour : Stanislav Holota

Lack of order they say

Gradual decline,

It is the opposite of creative endeavor;

 I see it as a sign.


Seeds degenerating and sprouting

Into little radicle seedling,

The random little stem finding its way

towards the sun and smiling.


Or animal matter decaying

And providing healthy dung,

Stinking organic life, paving

For new life to be sprung.


The smaller minds and their karmas

The larger with attached chaos,

Sincere thoughts amidst

Incessant fake pathos.


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life in order

My friend called today morning, ‘ I’m always running late. Never able to find the things I need.
Feeling completely overwhelmed. Adjusting work-family balance. Too much clutter in my life. Fighting with distractions.’
What help would I be, but to share a similar long list of such exchanges my friend! But wait, this is a time to grab the opportunity and give advice ( even if I don’t follow it myself), ouch how rude of me?

Actually, its ok, it happens to all of us, at times for moments, at times for longer durations. It will pass, this phase, and even before I say it , you already know the many ways to get yourself motivated and back on track – google 8 steps to bring your life back into order, declutter your home advice, 77 habits of highly successful people… ughhhh!! I’d like to get organized but 77??, and it might not leave me time for real art.
Anyway you have every such thing available through self help books and social media. For a long while after your phone call I was thinking deeper and wanted to send a single original comforting thought to you. It is guaranteed to bring results, and I will also be honest here to give credit to my online mentor Robert Genn. I am not sure when and how many letters it might have taken him to drill the good learning into my brain, but it has stayed (and the people who know me will disagree, ohh the image we have to live with!!)
670px-Get-Your-Life-Back-in-Order-Step-3 Here’s the mantra – become a Minimalist. Keep your (art)work and surrounding spaces clean, make a short to do(able) list, control your thought process. Meditate about your work, and there!
Having too much or many options/amenities may have negative effects on your work. At length he explained, that in my studio, or work station, I should have only 1 chair ( or not even that in case one paints standing). No one is invited ( I have to be serious about my own worktime); in case someone forces an excuse, they will speak and walk away within seconds if I won’t offer them a chair, I am sitting on the only one there is, shamelessly.
isn’t that cute? use a similar way to control the distractions in your life. Don’t invite them in.There is beauty in simplicity and minimalism. One chair, one work, only me, my thoughts, my goal…its starting to sound narcissistic.

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